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Include the ability to use Junior Watch on a Local Network so that the client can be installed to the main computer used by the parents and all childrens computers can be monitored from a central location as well as from Junior Watches servic

Whiterabbit-uk, 15.02.2012, 07:27
Idea status: under consideration


TimeonTechnologies, 15.02.2012, 17:15
Thanks. could you please elaborate what benefit this will bring in? We are concerned it may make the client software unnecessarily complicated.
Whiterabbit-uk, 15.02.2012, 21:16
This is a similar suggestion to my previous suggestion (being able to monitor stats). Basically it would enable the parent to monitor their childrens use without having to go online. If the client has a capped service being able to monitor via a local area network wouldn't take away from their monthly internet bandwidth entitlement.

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