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During installation of Junior Watch the browse button for installing to an alternate position on my computer was grayed out, forcing me to install to the developers chosen path, I use a small Solid State Drive for my O.S. and only have space for

I found it annoying that I couldn't install this software to a place other that C:/Program files. I have a small SSD that I use for my operationg system, so am limited in the amount of programs I can install to the C:/program files path. I prefer to instal non system programs to a path other than C:/Program files, which this program doesn't allow me to do

Whiterabbit-uk, 15.02.2012, 07:24
Idea status: under consideration


TimeonTechnologies, 15.02.2012, 17:12
This is a good point. We will consider it. Thanks!
Whiterabbit-uk, 15.02.2012, 20:51
Thank you. That would be appreciated. I have been able to move the software to a different location, but it was a hassle.
Robert E. Lee, 16.02.2012, 00:34
I'm having the same concerns rabbit. After reading this information I will decline installing this program.

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